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All our kittens are from PKD, Fiv & FeLV (DNA) negative parents, our babies are vet checked twice at 9 & 12 weeks, they are fully vaccinated with Feline Rhinotracheitis (R) Feline Calicivirus (C) Feline Panleucopaenia (P) and Feline leukaemia virus, they are wormed at 2, 6 and 9 weeks, they are also treated with Advocate at 12 weeks just before they leave for their new forever homes.  All our kittens are sold on the Non Active Register, which means they are NOT to be bred and if bred they will not be able to register these kittens with the GCCF.  Please be aware that just because someone may well own two beautiful full pedigree Cats with their responding pedigree papers, unless these kittens were sold as Active they will not be allowed to be register these kittens as full pedigree kittens with the GCCF, thus being sold cheaper as they have “no paperwork” and thus not governed by the rules of the GCCF as a full Registered Breeder would.

Our kittens are completely reared in our home, born and raised for the first 6-7 weeks in a separate kittening suite away from the rest of the queens and kittens.  After about 6 weeks they are introduced to their kitten playroom where are are able to run round enjoy lots of play and games.

Although, we prefer new owners to keep their new kittens indoors all the time, we do understand that this isnt always viable, please keep the kitten in for 6 months and then once it has been neutered wait 3 months until all the hormones have gone, this will ensure that your cat (if you do decide to let them out) will be unlikely to venture further than their garden.  Please note that because the british shorthair is a very friendly and loving cat, if allowed out, some people mistake this behaviour as their owner not taking care of them, and maybe deciding to take it upon themselves to give them a “new home” namely theirs – or sadly they are stolen – or even worse run over as these beautiful cats have absolutely no road sense –  so please be very aware of the dangers of letting your cat out.

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