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Hello my name is Heather and I have been breeding the wonderful British Shorthairs since 2001. I am a member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and my registered prefix is CranCatz, I am also a member of the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club.  I live in Essex in a place called Chafford Hundred, which is a short distance from Lakeside Shopping Centre and located just off junction 30 of the M25.  I live here with my four children and my grandson, who adores all our cats.  I fell in love with the beautiful British Shorthair when two were purchased for me on my birthday many years ago, I get a lot of pleasure from breeding these lovely cats and meeting all their new families.  I have been extremely fortunate in these years to have met some wonderful people some of whom have become life long friends from purchasing a kitten from me, so consider myself truly blessed to have such a great hobby and great friends that feel the same as I do about British Shorthairs and ultimately all animals.

I often get asked “how much” before any other questions, so a breeder friend sent me this which I feel sums up anyone that breeds properly 

Let me say a few words to you, yes to you, the person who emails to just ask for the price. The person who calls and surprisingly says after hearing a price, ” I can buy a cheaper kitten somewhere else “. I also address you; the person who is not interested in papers because I want ” just a pet “.
No cat is “just a pet”.
Behind every purebred kitten is a BREEDER. I use capital letters to distinguish a breeder from a pet factory or mill. A serious breeder does not breed cats without papers, which does not protect the integrity of the breed.
Registration (papers) are records of ancestry that document the bloodline and allow one to investigate possible health issues in ancestry.
When you tell a breeder you are not interested in papers, tell them that you are no less interested in kitten’s health, but only the cheapest you can find!
When you buy a kitten from a reputable and high-quality breeder, this breeder is responsible for the health of every kitten. This breeder skips the holidays, misses sleeping and most of his/her personal house space has been converted into space for his cats.
The truly passionate breeder, who loves what he/she breeds, uses their whole heart and soul to do so. Not only are kittens that are sold, but also with every customer who owns a piece of their heart and is now a member of their large family. Breeders worry about their babies after leaving and take them back without question.
A breeder will “get his hands dirty”, often burdened with everything that comes with birth. Because that’s what life is all about… In the midst of birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps spinning. A breeder conducts tests, X-rays, analyses, emergency surgery, vaccinations, litter, pedigrees, deworming and microchips for his kittens and has them evaluated by specialists.
Last but not least, a breeder chooses the family lucky enough to have one of their kittens. Yeah, you read that right. A real breeder chooses who he sells to because he doesn’t make money from the sale. There is no compensation that can compensate for investments made by a breeder. Therefore, they need to be sure they fit properly. Often more than saying yes… A good breeder has different criteria for those who want to continue their bloodline. Why? Why? Since breeding is not a responsibility to ever be taken lightly, it is a lifestyle choice reserved ONLY for the few dedicated people willing to sacrifice.
Because a cat is never ” just a pet!!! it is the heritage of the breeder, a little boy’s best friend, a protector for little girls, therapy for the elderly, a family member, someone’s whole world!!!
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